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 {Guide} Getting to Level 2

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PostSubject: {Guide} Getting to Level 2   Sat Jan 31, 2009 3:24 pm

In order to reach level 2 you will need.

150 pounds
15 Practice points
6 Skill points
6 Thought points
15 Esteem points

How to get these?

To get skill points all you need to do is work Very Happy

Practice points can be had by working the fields. The Fields button is located under the link in "My house". You will be given a Practice point and 10 pounds for working the fields.

Thought points require a Rifle that can be bought through the Mayor, they sell for 150 pounds and atm you need all your Skill and Esteem points to get one. Why do you ask? At the moment we have no one in town that can make Rifles and town hall needs to sell these to individuals that will remain active in the game. You can go to the forest and click hunting to hunt animals then eat the animals to get thought points.

Esteem points can be given out by the players of the game. You may post in the towns forum, General discussion area. There is a Esteem point thread Smile

Also don't forget to eat! You can pick mushrooms in the forest to eat. Townhall atm has baskets that are selling for 50 pounds. They allow you to pick four mushrooms Smile They will be given to Players that are Level 1 and above who have all their Skill points (6)

I hope this helps.
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{Guide} Getting to Level 2
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