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 {Guide} Baptismal Ceremony

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PostSubject: {Guide} Baptismal Ceremony   Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:48 pm

Baptismal Ceremony

During the course of the game you may choose to participate in the mysteries of the church. One of the first steps to participate is baptism. You will need to be baptized to participate in mass, be married, become ordained to participate in the clergy, and receive the final sacrament when they pass away. It is important to note that this is one part of the game in which Role Play is very important. One must participate in the Baptismal Ceremony or they will not be recognized as baptized. No priest is to accept a baptism In Game unless the participant has taken part in a baptismal ceremony here in the forums. As this is so, it is important to understand the process in order to make the ceremony occur smoothly. Before one can become baptized, it is important that they meet certain standards. Only when a direct exception is made in writing in a public location will any of these requirements be excused:

  • The ceremony must be conducted by a person of at least the level of priest.
  • The ceremony must take place in a church.
  • Each supplicant for the baptismal rite must have a godparent (sponsor) who is baptized. (currently waived until we have more who are baptized)
  • The supplicant must answer for himself/herself unless directly excused for exceptional circumstances.

If the supplicant qualifies in these, they are eligible for Baptism.

Order of Ceremony

The Priest shall open the ceremony with a call for baptism. Three days will be given to answer this call and the deadline shall be posted clearly at the end of the call to baptism. Give your full character name, as well as your forum identity and your In Game identity if different.

The Priest will then welcome all who are present. The Creed shall be read and all believers (those already baptized) can participate by singing the creed. There will be given at least one day for all who wish to participate to be able to do so. The Priest will then read a passage from the Holy Book.

The Priest will then call all participants to join him at the front for the vows. Each vow will be read aloud by the Priest and participants shall be given at least one day to respond in correct fashion (or until all participants have responded.) Failure to complete a vow in timely fashion shall disqualify a supplicant from receiving baptism during this ceremony.

After all 7 vows are taken, the Priest will pour water over the head of each supplicant, baptizing them in proper fashion and then proclaim that the person is baptized.

Finally the Priest shall lead all who are present in the singing of the creed. All who have been recently baptized are to sing the creed. All shall be given at least 2 days to do this.

At that point, every supplicant who has performed all these steps will be entered into the baptismal register and their application for baptism In Game will be accepted.

For information about the vows, and how to respond, please consult The Canon Law: Baptism

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{Guide} Baptismal Ceremony
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