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 In search for...

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PostSubject: In search for...   Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:30 pm

Quote :

    On this day, the ninth day of January,
    At the Palace of Whitehall, the Royal Residence.

    We, Her Royal Majesty Marie-Thérèse I of England, Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland,
    To you, nobles and my people.

      We hereby announce that we are in search of following people:

      - Ladies-in-waiting for the Queen herself
      - An ambassador for the French Kingdom, who needs to have great skill in the French language
      - Clerks
      - Heralds
      - Servants of the Queen (Cooks etc.)

      For one of the functions above or other not-mentioned functions, contact the Queen by letter. If you can’t write or read, then go to the closest representative of the Queen (nobles) and ask them to pass on the message.

      May god bless you all!

    Her Majesty the Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland

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In search for...
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