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 Charter for the town(s) of England

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PostSubject: Charter for the town(s) of England   Tue Feb 10, 2009 2:26 pm

Her Royal Highness has Ratified this Charter. The Royal Proclamation can be found here

Quote :

Charter for the Towns of England

The Citizens of England Swear loyalty to England and recognize her Royal Highness, Marie-Thérèse, as the Governing Queen of England. All Towns In England Recognize that England is an English Speaking Country and as such the official language of England is English.

A) Town Council consists of the following members:

i) Elected Mayor
ii) Elected Councilor of Finance
iii) Elected Councilor of Security
iv) Elected Councilor of Reception

B) Roles of the Town Council positions

To ensure the prosperity of the town and its people.

i) Mayor- The Mayor is the person that is in charge of their town, decisions regarding the town and it's people must go through the mayor for approval. They are responsible for assigning positions to their councilors and ensuring that their council members are doing their jobs and being accountable to the town. They may occupy one of the Councilor positions if there list does not have enough Councilors to fill the role. The mayor may also remove any town councilor if they feel that the councilor is abusing their position, the councilor resigns or to move the councilors to new positions. If a Mayor is not elected or resigns the Duke shall appoint one with the Queens blessing.

ii) Elected Councilor of Finance- Responsible for overseeing the towns Finances. This includes keeping Track of the Town goods, trades and sales. Posting daily reports in the Town Council area to keep the Council aware of the Towns Financial status. The councilor also sells town goods to the town people according to the Town's Official Market Prices. They are responsible for hiring the town guards, mining workers and setting the wages for these workers. The Councilor must inform and ask permission from the Elected or appointed Mayor to change the set wages or set amount of workers hired by the town. Monthly taxes for the town may also not be changed without written forum permission from the Mayor. Taxes may be waved if the whole council agrees to it through a Majority, 51% + vote.

iii) Elected Councilor of Security- Responsible for keeping track of Suspected clones or people with Multiple accounts and reporting them to the administration of the game. As per law an individual may not have more then one account and the amount of members per IP is limited to two.

iii) Elected Councilor of Reception- The role and duty of the Councilor of reception is to be the Towns Mentor. They are responsible for providing guides and information to the towns people that enable those towns people to prosper their lives.

C) Resignation or Death of Town Council Members

If a Town Council Member Resigns, moves or dies a new council member will be chosen by the Mayor from those who were elected. If no one is available from that list then the Mayor may appoint themselves to serve out the remainder of the term of that office.

If a Mayor Resigns from their Mayorial position they must make the Council of the County aware of their Resignation before they resign so measures can be taken to ensure the safety and security of the town, it's goods and it's people. The Duke may then appoint a new mayor with the blessing of her Royal Highness, Marie-Thérèse.

D) Abuse of Office

An act of abuse of power is defined as the use of public position beyond normal duties to earn political, financial or personal gain for oneself or an accomplice.

The Mayor and Council members may be removed from office by the Queen, Duke or Mayor and charged for:

i) Abuse of powers of the office of mayor, finance, security and reception;
ii) Grossly neglecting mayoral, finance, security and reception duties;
iii) Endangering the Towns security
iv) Acting in a way disadvantageous of the people of the town
v) Committing any deed, while in office, punishable under the Counties laws.
vi) Abusing town goods to make themselves or an accomplice richer.
vi) Resigning from office without making the Council of the County aware before resignation of the need for an appointed Mayor.
vii) Using Mayoral mail for personal political, economical or personal gain.
viii) Using the Councilor of Reception position for Personal gain or for anything that is not deemed mentoring.

Any towns member may petition the Queen, Duke or County of Councils to remove a mayor from office with hard evidence of abuse of power/abuse of Mayoral Office. Any towns member may petition the Mayor to remove a council member from office with hard evidence of abuse of power/abuse of office. The Mayor may remove a council member from office if they feel the council member is not fulfilling their duties.

Town Council Procedures

A. Audience before the Town Council

-EVERY Citizen of their residing town has the right to an audience before their Elected Town Council.
-EVERY Citizen of their residing town has the right to propose an issue and have it discussed by their Elected Town Council.
-EVERY Citizen of their residing town has the right to ask for accountability from the Mayor and Council as long as does not divulge sensitive information, endanger the town in any way or is disadvantageous of the people of the town.

B. The Town Market and its Wares

The Mayor and Council has the right to set a limit on the prices of goods sold in town as long as it does not go against county laws. They must make the citizens of the town aware of these prices by posting in the towns forum and mailing the set prices to the towns Citizens.

C. Employment

- All citizens are entitled to any job within the town as long as it is within their stat range and ability.
- ALL wages set by the towns people and town council must abide by minimum wage laws; any wages which do not abide are susceptible to county and town law and punishment.
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Charter for the town(s) of England
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