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 {Guide} Woodcutting and Carpentry

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PostSubject: {Guide} Woodcutting and Carpentry   Fri Feb 13, 2009 4:33 am


Woodcutting is performed in the Forest and requires an ax
Up to 3 logs can be produced in one day


The trade of the carpenter is for level 2 players
The player must complete 30 days of study in the Library before they may practice the trade
Completion of studies is required for level 3

In one day of work, a carpenter can do one of the following tasks:
Transform 1 logs into 1 plank of wood
Transform 1 plank of wood into 1 ax
Transform 2 planks of wood into 1 fishing rod
Transform 15 planks of wood into 1 carriage (add a cost of 20 pounds for the rental of horses)
Transform 2 planks of wood into 1 door
Transform 3 planks of wood into 1 window

Making a plank earns the carpenter 1 point d'expérience
Making an ax, door or window earns 2 points, making a fishing rod earns 3
80 points are needed to become level 4
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{Guide} Woodcutting and Carpentry
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