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 Hear, hear...

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PostSubject: Hear, hear...   Sun Feb 22, 2009 10:04 am

A crieur became established on a demarcation of the Bridge, nine, it unwound a parchment, voice clears and announced :

Public notice!
A gallery of portraits has just opened its doors for you.
The entrance is free there ! Do not hesitate to go to visit it !

The crieur folded up its parchment, and left spread news in quatres corners of the city.

[Hrp: a library of mishaps is at your disposal: http://cid-b82ad0fbd7581a1b.skydrive.live.com/albums.aspx
To show photographs, you only have to click on the album of your choice.
All suggestions are the welcome, and if you have questions contact me.]
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Hear, hear...
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