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 [rp]Important notice for the army recruits

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PostSubject: [rp]Important notice for the army recruits   Sat Mar 21, 2009 2:05 pm

Oduan installed a banner on the market square of London

Quote :
To all the soldiers and support units enlisted in the Middlesex Regiment.
The basic training is about to start so present to the Regiment's HeadQuarters before Tomorrow at 13:00 GMT. Once in the HQ go to the Training Grounds. If you have not taken the oath of allegiance you are requested to do so before going to the training grounds.

HeadQuarters http://divine-rights.1fr1.net/headquarters-of-the-regiment-of-middlesex-f26/

Training grounds http://divine-rights.1fr1.net/headquarters-of-the-regiment-of-middlesex-f26/rp-training-grounds-t157.htm

Oath of allegiance http://divine-rights.1fr1.net/headquarters-of-the-regiment-of-middlesex-f26/oath-of-allegiance-t153.htm
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[rp]Important notice for the army recruits
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