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 [RP] Saint John's House

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PostSubject: [RP] Saint John''s House   Wed May 13, 2009 2:38 pm

In the middle of the city of London, there was a rather big and wealthy house. It was the possession of the Saint John's family, and bought by Oliver Saint John as residence for him and his family in the Capital.
Charles arrived in front of the portal of the house and opened the door with his key. It had been a long time since he had last visited the house, thus he was curious to see how it looked now, after all those years. Would it have been changed? He didn't thought so, his father liked to keep things like they were.
He entered, and immediately he picked up the smell of vegetable soup. He dropped his suitcases in the hallway and went to the kitchen, in which a rather old lady was cooking.

- Ow dear, he shouted. M'dame Florence, what a pleasure the see you again!

The woman turned around and smiled widely.

- Oh dear Charles, you have finally arrived. i was already wondering why it took so long. Is your brother coming too?

Charles thought for a moment. He didn't know if his brother would come. He certainly hoped so, though.

- We'll just have to wait and see, my dear Florence. Let's sit down. tell me, how is it in England now?
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Lilias McPherson


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PostSubject: Re: [RP] Saint John's House   Wed May 13, 2009 3:11 pm

Lilias was walking in the streets wanting to get some air and change her mind a bit of all the responsibility of the day, then she saw a new men entering in a beautiful house she smile. She was the reagent yes and so...she was not the queen so she can be more easily to approach. Push by her curiosity she go and knock at the door of the men to know him better.
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PostSubject: Re: [RP] Saint John's House   Thu May 14, 2009 1:46 pm

Choosing his steps carefully, for he had lost his brother earlier on the market, he sought for the right street where he and his brother would live the following months. After some thorough conversations with local citizens, which Adam would be once again now. His pace fastened after first seeing the house, it resembled the wealth of their family well. They both had grown up in that house, wondering about how his bedroom would be right now he nearly bumped into a lady, quickly he jumped, tripped and nearly fell after some outbursts of excuses to the lady.
The door of the house, his house, their house, was open a glimpse of his brother could he see for the angle wherein he stood allowed no more. He once again fastened up and knocked loudly on the open door and said grinning

You should not have walked so fast through that immense crowd, I had to figure out all by my self how to get here

Adam's nose picked up the smell of delicious vegetable soup, he looked away from his brother, on whom he had his view and saw a rather grey, but still the friendliness herself, woman, in which he saw the old Madame Florence

But now, I would love to have my empty stomach filled with some of this delicious smelling soup, if it is nearly as good as the fragrance of it I would be most satisfied, even more I hope.
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PostSubject: Re: [RP] Saint John's House   

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[RP] Saint John's House
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