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 Edited Translation of the Divine Right's guide section

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PostSubject: Edited Translation of the Divine Right''s guide section   Sun May 17, 2009 10:23 am

Sunday the 17th of May 2009

I've translated some parts and edited others into better English.

Quote :
Hello, you are at Droits Divins. You are in the XVII(17)th century and is everything in the game new to you ? Do you need help to continue playing? In that case you are at the right place.

* Basic facts and how to start playing
* The market
* What this product is ? Is this useful ? Where can I find this ?
* Characteristic Points
* Travelling
* The Army
* The Fields
* The different Levels
* The Church
* Miscellaneous Places
* Politics
* Helping the Game

I. Basic facts and how to start playing :

Divine Rights is an online multiplayer game, free. It consists of two different parts, the In Game part, also known as IG, and the Role Playing part, also known as RP.
The first part, IG, is based on actions that your character will make in the game by clicking on the links shown in the Game Screen, whereafter he will do actions such as chopping wood, advancing to a higher level, etcetera.
The second pard, RP, is much like a theatre, you are the actor of your own created personality. For instances, I call myself Peter and Peter has blonde hair and is slightly dumb, therefor you will act slightly dumb and blame your blond hair as the cause of it, also could Peter never remember how to properly adress one higher in rank, thus he will adress them normally, informal. All such actions will be played on the Forum.
More you will learn by just reading one's RP.

I.1. My Character :
Whence registered you chose to be either man either woman, thereafter you can not change it.
If clicked on the "My Profile" link, on the left menu, a new window will come up, showing your Profile.
On the left of this screen you will see the place for you to upload any picture, which will represent you. There under will be your birthdate, date of registering and the place where you are right now.

The main piece of your profile excists of your name, the name of your godfather and your godchildren and personal information. You can not change the official information, your phisical looks are randomly picked by the game. Later on the bottom, characteristics, of your profile will be explained.

When first opened the window of unofficial history will be empty. In order to update it you should be going to "My House", on the left menu, thereafter you should click "Update Your Profile ". There you are able to write your character's history, which mainly consists of your RP history. In that screen you could also upload your avatar.

What does « My news » mean ?
This screen is showing you your performed IG actions. Every time when you will perform a new action the link will appear highlighted in blue, meaning you have just performed the actions.

How do I communicate with the other players ?

You can send letters to other players, yet you will need their IG names. The letters you send are not kept, but the ones you recieve are, yet still after a month these papers will be deleted.
Another option is going to the forums to meet people, a tavern is an option, but not the most handy one. It does not function well, hopefully it will in a short period of time.

Can I see other characters’ profiles ?
Yes, by clicking on their names, those appear highlighted in blue in the IG screen. A new window will pop up displaying their personal info.
Is there any list containing everyone or a search engine ?
In fact there is no such thing. But in “My letters” you can create a list of names you will be able to click whenever you want. You can add names to this list freely, in order to do so, you will need to know one's name IG.

I.2. My character is hungry :
Yes, it’s written in red letters on the screen, just don’t panic and keep reading...

First click on “My Home” , on the top of the left menu, once you did so click on “ Your possessions”, it is there where you will find all the objects you posses. If you click on the name, in brown, of the objects you may see a description of the object, where was clicked on. Next to the object and settled between [ ] you will find the options of selling or eating those objects (remember not everything can be eaten). Click on the “eat” option. Congratulations! You have eaten, a single eat able object will satisfy you for the whole day.

If you have nothing to eat you must get some food and/or basic supplies, you can do so by:
- Buying some supplies on the market, you can buy them form the municipality or other players.
- By performing an action that nurses you:
- Picking mushrooms in the forest (“My Town”-> “Forest”), it’s free and you will obtain mushrooms.
- Fishing at the port. You can either rent or buy a fishing rod for some pounds. This will win you fish.
- Hunting in the forest (“My Town” “Forest”) you need to posses a rifle, this will gain you a pheasant.
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Edited Translation of the Divine Right's guide section
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