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 An open letter from the High Lady Regent

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Catherine Stewart


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PostSubject: An open letter from the High Lady Regent   Mon Dec 21, 2009 6:29 pm

A young lad walks to the main squire of the City of London and hangs a letter on the wall of the City Hall. The letter is written by Her High Grace the Lady Regent. When the messenger is done with his job, he begins to yell to make sure the people of London began to read the letter.

Quote :

    On this twentysecond day of December of the year 1649,
    At the Palace of Whitehall.

    By her High Grace Catherine, Lady Regent of England, Scotland and Ireland and in the name of Queen Elizabeth,
    To you, nobles and people of these kingdoms.

      Change has come to our Kingdom. Finally! The Kingdom has gone through difficult times; after we had survived the Civil War, which has cost so many lifes, we lost our beloved Queen Marie-Thérèse and a Plague made it unable for us to rebuild our nation. Now these things are all in the past, we are determined to get started. For real. Therefore we need the help of every subject of our Kingdom. It doesn't matter if you are noble or unnoble, poor or rich, man or woman: we are only able to succeed if everybody is willing to volunteer!

      In order to do that, we would like to let you think of what you are really good at and where your interests are. Don't hesitate to write a letter to the Council of Middlesex or directly to me when you have found out which things you would like to do. If you aren't able to write or read, ask someone who can. In the next couple of days, announcements will be published wherein it is described which functions are vacant.

      The last thing we would like to announce is the church service which will be held on Christmas Night in the Saint Paul's Cathedral by the Bishop of London. This service will be visited by our beloved Queen Elisabeth, her sister and also by myself. Everybody is invited to come! Let it be a symbol of our rebirth. The rebirth of a Kingdom which isn't planning on falling again!

      May god bless you all!

    Her High Grace Catherine Stewart, Lady Regent of England, Scotland and Ireland.

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An open letter from the High Lady Regent
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