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 Return of the brethren

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PostSubject: Return of the brethren   Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:21 am

Late that very night, a ship had docked, coming from the continent.
On board were two brothers, the last representents of a good house of England : The Hastings.
John Hasting was the eldest. Along came his brother Simon Hasting. Both men had not set foot on English soil for several years now. Simon’s only memories of this land that the belonged to by both right of birth and parenthood were those of his childhood. Both men had spent a lifetime of sailing and traveling. However, both men also kept a profound affection for England.
As they stepped off the boat, Simon looked around him. At night, the docks were quiet. All the fuss would not start again before sunrise. In the mean time, it was time for them to head home to Beachborough Manor
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PostSubject: Re: Return of the brethren   Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:56 am

Cold. First feeling, cold. Also some fog. As usual in England. Docks ! Finally ! After this trip, John Hasting had a lot of reasons to be ill. Only his second trip in boat, so...
When they got of the ship at the Docks of London, the Eminence was mortified. Too cold for him !

- Simon ! Retournons... Speak English now, John. Let's go back to France ! It's too cold for me here ! I don't really know how did we lived here by the past.

And now ? What will they do ?John didn't really know why his brother wanted to travel to England. IN WINTER ! What a crazy idea...
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PostSubject: Re: Return of the brethren   Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:09 am

Looking around on the docks as he couldn’t help but trying to understand what the quickest way to find a ride to XXX would be, Simon turned to his brother and replied.

Je suis plus aise à te parler en français en ces lieux. Cela fait bien longtemps que nous n’avons mis pied en terres angloyses, et bien que nous soyons chez nous, prudence est mère de sureté. Qui sait quelles oreilles auraient poussé aux murs ici.

Mechanicaly, he drew upwards the collar of his mantel. It was true that weather was not exactly pleasant in this part of the continent. Especially considering the season. He then had a smile and added.

Reste calme mon frère. L’idée de venir était tienne. N’oublie pas la mission qui nous incombe. Rentrons dès à présent à
Dès demain je me rendrais au palais comme convenu tandis que de ton coté tu vaqueras a tes propres affaires.
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PostSubject: Re: Return of the brethren   

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Return of the brethren
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