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 Announcements of the Lady High Chancellor

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PostSubject: Announcements of the Lady High Chancellor   Sun Mar 28, 2010 7:17 am

Quote :

    To the people of England and Middlesex,

    We, Marie-Thérèse Howard, have written this announcement to inform you of certain events and decisions

      As most of you know we are currently on a diplomatic visit with the King of France and Navarra in Paris. A few days ago we were talking to the Regent and Great Chamberlain of France when suddenly a Pascal Cardinal showed up and insulted us and with us the English nation, saying that we are heretics and claiming to want to replace Her Majesty the Queen. Furthermore he stated wanting to convert the British Isles. Naturally, we cannot let those events go unpunished, and therefore we have made the following decisions;

      We want the public apologies of the cardinal Matthieu for his words towards ourselves and Her Majesty the Queen, if not we will forbid and block every diplomatic interaction between England and the Pascal Church and Papal States.

      We also forbid every Pascal clergyman to set foot in the County of Middlesex without permission of ourselves, at the risk of being imprisoned for a yet undetermined duration.

      Know that we would have prefered not to make these decisions, but we find them necessary in order to ensure the liberty and safety of the English people.

      You have our Love and Respect.

    march the 28th, 1650, Paris.

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Frits Frederic


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PostSubject: Re: Announcements of the Lady High Chancellor   Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:00 pm

Quote :

At this day, the twelfth of March in the year 1651,
At the Palace of Whitehall,
The department of the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of England, Scotland and Ireland.

I, His Excellency Frits Frederic Bazain, Lord High Steward and Lord High Chancellor,
In my function as Lord High Chancellor,

To you, Gentry, Spirituals and Commons of the Kingdom,
I announce in name of the Crown;

The sun came up again on the Kingdom of England, Scotland and Ireland. Some motivated people decided to rebuild the Kingdom, after a long period of inactivity. That's why the Royal Institution of the Embassy of the English Crown, placed under my control and supervision, decided to open the applications for the following posts forming a part of the Royal Chancery described in the Third Chapter of the Constitution of the Kingdom in the second article:

  • Two Ambassadors: Ambassadors are representatives of the Kingdom and the Sovereign of England in a foreign region. Their working area is fixed.

    The Royal Chancery is principally searching people who are master of the French language so that the institution can send an Ambassador to the Kingdom of France and to the Principality of Guernesey to represent the English Crown.

  • One Legate: Legates are representatives of the Kingdom and the Sovereign of England in foreign regions. Unlike Ambassadors they don’t have a fixed working area, but they represent the Kingdom when and where it is necessary.

    The Chancery is searching one legate for the Pascalian Church.

  • One secretaries: The Secretaries take care of the administrative matter of the Chancellery. It’s also their task to welcome the foreign Ambassadors.

    The Lord High Chancellor needs a secretary to assist him in his administrative work.

And so it is!

His Excellency Lord High Steward,
Lord High Chancellor,

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Announcements of the Lady High Chancellor
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