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 [RP] When one tries to dare the Princess

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PostSubject: [RP] When one tries to dare the Princess   Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:46 pm

It was dark in the dungeons of the Towers, and quiet. Every now and then a scream was heard, echoing in the large halls and gangways. Torches were the only source of light. In one of the small rooms, were gathered some people. The smallest, but obviously the leader of the group, wore a cape. Her face was hidden in the shadows, but she clearly was mad, you could even say furious. Her face didn’t betray any emotion, but the aura she had around her clearly betrayed her mood. In front of her there was a man, hanging in chains against the cold and black wall. He clearly was suffering from the pain from his broken bones and bruises, but the little and teasing smile on his face was unambiguous. The Princess did a step towards him. Fury, English fury, flowed through her veins. She pressed her teeth on each other, trembling, and hit the man in his face. Once, twice, trice… Until his grin was swept away and she had found her calmness again. He opened his filthy mouth and tried to speak. The words were not very clear, but Marie-Thérèse completely was able to understand them. French, with a dirty accent of Reims.

Mon maitre… Il va venir. Pascal va remettre ces iles sous l’autorité du saint père. *

She nodded. Every thing she had suspected was true. But she had acted too slow, she had been blind, you could even say stupid. She sighed. She wouldn’t be that stupid anymore. She would make it up. She turned around and made a sign of her hand. A shot was heard and the bullet that had been fired took the last breath of the man on the wall. With another sign of her hand she ordered her companions to burn the body. The smell of the dead was such a horrible thing…

She closed her eyes and reviewed the situation. It all began a few months ago. The Chancellor of the Pope had asked her if she would let the Pascal Pope convert England. Naturally she refused, with the blessing of the Regent. A few days ago she had met this Cardinal, which had insulted her. He had called her and the English heretics. He had also stated that he would get rid of the current Queen, to place a Pascal Monarch on the throne and to convert the British Isles. As if she would have permitted that! So she had made the decision to close the borders of Middlesex etc, based on the rumors she had heard, all of that was described in her announcement. The rumors had been confirmed by the man who was now dead, who had just hung against the wall. The Camerlengo and probably the next Pope, wanted to convert England.

She opened her eyes again. England had survived the Spanish Armada, and that was much more aggressive than some stupid pascal priests. She would surely be able to handle those, as she had handled with the man. Now it was her time to smile. The pascals were stupid, naïve to underestimate her, to underestimate England. They were about to play with fire, and they were going to burn their hands doing so.

A sound behind her made her turn around. It was one of her messengers. She nodded and took the letter he carried with him. It had the seal of that wicked Camerlengo. Curious she broke the seal and opened the letter. **

Blablabla… The Holy Words should be spread around to those who don’t know them or refuse to know them… Blablabla… Soon the texts of the Pascalism will be translated into English… Blablabla… New English pascal clergy would be trained to spread the word in England… Blablabla… If the English authorities and people would refuse to let them do so, there would be consequences… Blablabla…

Nothing she didn’t already knew. Did she fear? Now she didn’t, not at all. The position of the Pascals already was trembling on the mainland. In France, they were revolting against their authority. But she would have to make her preparations. Even a small storm could cause injuries. Determination took over her, and she went to one of the neat offices in the Tower, followed by her companions. There she sat down, and started writing. To the Bishop of London, to her spies, to the Council of Middlesex, to the Regent…

Quote :
* My master... He will come. Pascal will return these Islands under the authority of the pope.
** Original letter (french): http://droits-divins.forumotion.com/annonces-papales-f18/reponse-ouverte-a-marie-therese-howard-t1726.htm#47931
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[RP] When one tries to dare the Princess
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