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 [RP] Putting things right

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PostSubject: [RP] Putting things right   Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:30 am

His face pale when he first saw that shadow under the frames of his mansion, it could not be, he was supposed to be dead. How come he would be there, in that instant what sort of dark joke were they playing with him? The shadow smiled cruelly. Took a small step and with the stick pushed the individual that prevented the entry.

- Rata afortunada... -exclaimed calmed- Las cosas no te han ido nada nada mal.*

Stating with his face to emphasize his words, looked around. Expensive woods, exotic furniture, and a huge mansion. The stranger walked to the right were the sitting room was and with curiosity started to analyze the stay. He sat down in front of the fire, in one of the sofas there where. Without regarding much about the opinion of the host who was still with his face twisted unable to say a word. The shadow stretched.

- Bueno hermano, muchas cosas me tienes que contar -smiled ironically.**

Lucky rat... Things didnt went any bad to you*

Well brother, you have to tell me many things**
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[RP] Putting things right
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