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 [RP]Jousts of London

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PostSubject: [RP]Jousts of London   Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:21 am

The winter was over now, reason enough for the Lords of England to organize a joust on the market square of London. The only goal of this was to take profit of the amazing weather and the possibility of finding some able fighters to serve England in case of danger.

Charles-Edouard took the time to write down the Rules of this event to ensure its correct holding. He nailed them near the arena on a tree.

Quote :
  • Every man or woman can participate in the jousts until the 1st day of May of the year 1651.
  • Every game will have its own ladder, all games' ladders together will provide the tournament ladder.
  • The ladder:
    • Game ladders:
      • The ranking of each game is following the points you reach.

    • Total ladder:
      • The ranking of each game will bring a certain amoint of points.
      • Example: there are two games, game1 had 5 participants, game 2 had only 2.
        The first of game1 will get 5 points in the total ranking, the second 4 etc.
        The first of game2 gets only 2 points, the second 1.

  • The awards:
    • Game ladders:
      • The awards of each game are the following:
        1st: 200 Pound
        2nd: 150 Pound
        3rd: 100 Pound
        4th to 10th: 25 Pound

    • Total ladder:
      • The award for the joust is the following:
        1st: 1000 Pound
        2nd: 700 Pound
        3rd: 500 Pound
        4th to 10th: 100 Pound

Let the games begin!

[The games:
Archery shooting range
Medieval Jousting
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[RP]Jousts of London
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