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 [ORP] A New Begining

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PostSubject: [ORP] A New Begining   Thu Jan 15, 2009 1:28 pm

Gazing over the water Emaleigh lost in thought remembered the words that the messenger had read. War was coming once again to Ireland, so much blood covered the shores of the land already from past rebellions. Emaleigh sighed and shook the memory out of her head and watched as the cloud of 'breath' floated away as she breathed. Pulling the hood of her clock above her head she turned making her way below deck to go break her fast for the day.

Serving herself Oatmeal Pudding she sat down at a table to eat the small portion and hoped the trip would not take longer. The Captain had said that they should reach the London port today. She was grateful for this news as her legs were not used to the rocking and swaying of the ship and her appetite had left her long ago. Playing with the oatmeal with her spoon she wished she was eating a Cherry-tart instead. As she was taking a bite she felt herself thrown to the floor when the ship gave a sudden jolt, a great noise echoed in the room of the dining area. Trying to get up she looked at the rest of the people in the room all thrown from their seats with the look of fear upon their eyes. Her heart drummed in her chest and she used all the strength she had to get herself back up the stairs. She could no believe her eyes as she saw another ship firing upon them...it had no flag and the sound of cannon fire was deafening. She saw the crew working the sails and the Captain shout orders to them, though could not make out what they were. The Ship rocked to the starboard and a crewman came out from below yelling to the captain the ship had taken on water. This could not be happening Emaleigh thought as she slunk into a corner. She watched wide eyed while the crew worked to get the few boats they had ready hoping that the fog that covered the water would hide the boats from the enemy. My things she thought...I must at least get the money that I brought with me. She made her way back to the stairs and yelled as she was thrown down the stairs landing at the bottom breathless and unable to breath blacking out for a moment. Hearing the sound of water was startling as she came to and slowly rose to make her way to her sleeping quarters. Taking her money purse out from its hiding place and her knife and sheath she secured them onto her person. Nothing else matters she told herself...it's just material, it can be replaced.

She turned then wadded through the water towards the stairs and slowly made her way up them. Looking at the deck of the ship she saw the other ship close enough to touch. Her heart beat quicker and she looked around for the crew and boats and saw nothing but the Captain and some of the crew on the Captains deck. Spotting her the Captain shouted at her to throw her self over the ship as the boats were already in the water. Emaleigh took a quick breath in at his words and her face grew pale, this was her own fault for going after her money. There was no time to think as she made her way towards the edge of the ship and climbed the rail and fell into in cold dark waters.

The coldness almost made her take a breath in while under water. Kicking her legs up she made it to the surface and tried to keep herself afloat, the winterly cold of the water feeling like a knife cutting at her lungs. She looked around for a boat but could not see anything but fog and felt a sense of helplessness she had never felt before. She called out hoping that a friendly voice would hear her and come to her aid then felt a tug from behind and her heart leap into her throat and she felt herself pulled up by someone.

OOC: feel free to post...have fun!

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[ORP] A New Begining
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